The Importance of You

Edited Sept. 19, 2020: I actually wrote this a few weeks ago and was apprehensive about posting it but it was put on my heart to write it and then told to wait until it was time to post It. And today I was told it is time. All I ask is that you read it open-mindedly and to the end. Smooches and love to you all.

The Importance of You

To my agnostic/other belief friends you know that that I love you and respect your beliefs. But you all also know that I pray for you always. You are a group of the most compassionate people I know, and I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Some of you have asked me what do I think you specifically can do to help about the current climate of America, but in fact it is the climate of the world. And as you all who have asked have noticed I have not responded to that question. It is because I had to wait for an answer.

What if:

If what you believe is true. There is nothing after this, or something along that line, there is a higher being but not the way Christians explain it, or there are multiple gods, etc. Anything but Jesus (lol). Y’all know me. Okay, nothing lost nothing gained. But…what if the change is predicated on you trying Jesus? Could you do it? Would you do it? I said TRY. If it does not work, so be it. Nothing lost nothing gained but you did do your part. It is a heart thing, not just a word thing. And that is the best part. Only Jesus and you will know if you took the challenge.

All you have to say with your heart is: “Jesus if you are real like they say you are then show yourself to me and I will believe. “ It’s as simple as that. And begin to look for Him to reveal Himself to you. And those of you who know what is going to happen begin to pray. Please, no comments are necessary. Just share this post, make it viral and watch Him work.

If you do not want to try, that is ok too. You know that I love you and will continue to always pray for you. It is a personal thing, and no one will know but you and Him.


P.S. You have been asking ME what I thought would help and I thank you for reaching out because of your love for me and mankind. You could be the one He is waiting for. Yes, He leaves the 99 sheep to go and find the 1 lost sheep. It could be you. And it is awesome! I promise!

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