Listen To Your Body

Wow! Who would have thought back on December 31, 2019, May, 2020 would be like this?

I don't know about you but I've been through quite a bit these last couple of months and I keep thanking God for giving me the insight to take some of the routine day to day stresses from my life because after what has been happening these last few months, I don't know where I would be because we have had what is called catastrophe stress placed on us and there's nothing we can do about it.

You see, in spite of enjoying celebrating my 62 birthday last month, I also had to deal with the knowledge of my 90 year old mother and sister, who is currently fighting cancer, both tested positive for the Covid-19 virus with my mother being hospitalized alone and me not being able to do anything other than pray. Top that off with the unexpected death of a very dear friend (not Covid-19 related) and having to take care of her personal affairs. Yes, to say the least, I have had quite a stressful month.

As I have said many times, stress can manifests itself in many ways throughout our body. Therefore I made it a point to keep my regular exercise and yoga regiment to the point of doing my walking videos to keep what I had worked so hard to attain. But in spite of all that I was doing, I began to get a pain in the joint of my left hip. At first I thought it was nothing much until it began to affect my walking. Of course I began to pray and claim my healing. But in addition, I heard my body as it said "rest". I heard it but did not want to listen because since January 1, I had diligently maintained my new regiment and I could see some results. But again my body said "rest". And so, in spite of me, I did. I actually did no physical workouts or yoga for one week. And yes, every time I thought about shortening the rest period my hip would actually began to hurt again.

You see, my stress was manifesting itself through my hip joint. Of course I had been feeling the tightness but had attributed it to the aging process and tried to stretch through it. But it made me stop. Because, yes, I can fill up my days too. So the time I normally carved out for workouts I did nothing. I promise it was not easy, but I did it. And now I have decided to change my schedule to give me some specific down time during these catastrophically stressful times. My body is saying it needs more down time and I'm willing to give it.

Today is the first day back for my yoga. It felt good and I feel good now.

So, think about it. What is your body telling you? Let me hear from you.

Is your body enjoying the rest its getting? Is it asking for anything in particular? Let's listen to our bodies and it will tell you what it needs to Renew, Refocus and Re-energize.



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