Anxiety Is Real, But You Can Overcome

The peace comes from within

Yes, anxiety is real, but you can begin to free yourself from it with these 5 simple exercises. I know they seem simple because they are, but they can provide tremendous results. But remember, anything worth having is worth working for. It does not work if you don't work it.

Free yourself from anxiety with these easy steps:

1. Keep a daily diary for 3 days of your daily activities and then eliminate those things that might be a trigger. Also keep a log of your food as it can cause mood swings.

2. Do some non-competitive sports to get the "feel good" endorphins working. Taking a 15 minute walk works absolute wonders both emotionally and physically!

3. Carve out some "quiet time" daily for 1 week and notice the difference. Start small (5 minutes) and work up to 15 minutes a day. No phone, no kids, no mate, no boss, nothing gets to interfere. If you have to; go sit in your car, go sit in the bathroom, go for a walk, all without your phone. Yes it's hard at first, but it gets easier with practice. In fact, you begin to look forward to your "quiet time".

4. Breathe deeply if you start to feel anxious. Connect to your breathe. It really does work. Inhale for a 4 count, exhale for 6. Slowly, deeply with eyes closed. Do 4 to 6 rounds. Feel the difference.

5. Distract yourself intentionally when you feel an attack happening. Start singing, go for a walk (again), call a trusted friend to talk it out (saying it out loud helps to put it in perspective).

As you can see, there are a number of ways to try and combat those times when anxiety wants to win. But all of them have one thing in common, you. You have to have a desire to want change in order to get change. Jim Rohn says, "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."

These are just a few self-healing ways that you can begin to take charge of your emotions and empower yourself to Renew, Refocus and Re-energize. Let us hear from you on the blog. We are Women Loving Women and we need to let each other know that we are not alone.


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