A Love Letter To Our Parents (from your caregivers)

Dear Parent,

We know that this is a wonderful time in life for you. You have lived to see great changes in the world, the first African American President, your, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the first African American female Supreme Court Justice, and many more. But you also now have your struggles. We realize that you no longer have the freedom to do things the way that you are

used to doing them. We realize that you can no longer go when you want to go. We feel your frustration at the limitations that you must now endure, while still having the ability to do so many other things.

But guess what? We too have aged and can no longer do the things we used to do, go places we use to go to, and we now have limitations that we once did not have and must also make changes in our lives. We know that you look at us as your children, and we are, but we are also now your caregivers.

Do you remember when we became teenagers, and you could no longer dictate our every move? That was a change, huh? But we survived it. We even became good friends, or maybe not, but we survived the change, and you respected my space.

Well, now it is time to change again. It has come to a point in your life that you need us to help. It’s called the circle of life and we guaranteeevery we are going to have to go through it too, if we are blessed to live the life you have with longevity.

Do you know that we love you and would never do anything but what is best for you? And we know that deep down you know this, but you do not always show it. We realize that you are trying to hold on to your independence, but you must realize that some of your decisions are not in your best interests, and we have to intervene. Even my children have begun to give me advice on things that I would have given when I was younger. So, think of this when you rebel against us and yes, act mean towards us. We love you and want only what is BEST for you. And if you fear otherwise, tell someone.

The frustration is no good for either of us. We grow further apart when we push against each other. And we know this is never the intention. We will also try and give you your independence until we feel otherwise. We do not want to point out every fear we see, because this would only make things worse. So please trust our love for you and our only wanting the best of you, even when you don’t want to.


Your Caregiver & Child

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